Aluminium Joinery

Aluminium is the most commonly used framing in New Zealand homes as it is lighter, stronger, more durable and lower maintenance than wooden joinery.

Maintenance of your joinery is important to prevent minor issues from worsening, and will also increase the lifespan of your frames. Replacing your existing wooden or aluminium joinery is a great option to modernise and increase the value of your property while also improving energy efficiency and security.

Windows and doors are typically significant contributors to heat loss (and gain) and therefore impact the overall energy efficiency of a home. Today’s joinery is significantly better than that commonly seen in 1980’s homes as both design and construction have improved a lot over the past couple of decades but there are some extra options available to further minimise heat transfer including:

Both systems create a barrier to seperate warm air from cool air (double glazing takes care of the glass, while thermal breaks in joinery manages heat transfer in the frames). The NZ Government’s Smarter Homes website and Energy Wise website both have some great information on these choices.


New Aluminium Joinery

Replacing your old and tired joinery with new frames is a great way to add value to your property, refreshing the overall appearance. Whether you are renovating your entire home or office space, or simply needing to replace a faulty window or door, we’ll supply and install joinery and hardware to suit your needs and budget.

Upgrading a window to a sliding door or installing a sliding door into an existing wall are popular ways to increase natural light and improve access to your property. See some examples of our work on our Facebook page.

Repairs & Replacement

If your slider is no longer sliding smoothly and freely this can often be fixed by simply repairing or replacing the rollers and/or mechanisms.

When doors are dated or damaged however it may be better to upgrade to a newer, stronger style. If this is the case, we can replace your joinery with new or second-hand products to match the style of your property.

Replace Wooden Frames with Aluminium

Upgrading to aluminium joinery will modernise the appearance of your property whilst saving you time and money in the long run. Aluminium is the most common framing material in New Zealand because it’s light, strong, durable, low maintenance - and affordable!

There are a wide range of products on the market these days, we’ll recommend styles to match your existing property.


Great workmanship with a can do, helpful attitude. Vance was reliable and efficient and the work was done within timeframe given. Would definitely use his services again in the future.
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